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We at Resource Financial understand the power of planning. Whether your goal is to fund a child's education, secure your own retirement, or insure against a catastrophic loss, we will partner with you to select quality products within the framework of comprehensive planning. Our approach is professional yet personal and our desire is to build strong, life-long relationships with our clients and their families.


Between the phasing out of traditional company pension plans, the problems facing Social Security, and longer life expectancies, greater responsibility is being shifted to individuals to fund their own retirements. Proper planning is necessary to select an investment strategy that provides adequate cash flows during retirement while still managing risk. Our retirement planning software estimates the probability that clients will outlive their assets. The results guide our selection of investments and often prompt clients to adjust current rates of spending and/or saving to get back on track.

Today, there are many tax-advantaged investment strategies geared towards retirement savings. We work together with clients to determine the best retirement investment vehicles to use based on their tax bracket, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, time horizon and a host of other considerations. We specialize in the following retirement funding strategies:

  • Roth IRA's

  • Traditional IRA&'s

  • SEP and Simple IRA's

  • IRA Rollovers

  • Fixed and Variable Annuities

  • 403(b) Plans

College Planning & Funding

Paying for a child's college education is a primary goal for many of our clients. Historically, college tuition's have increased faster than inflation which means planning and saving early are of paramount importance. We help clients choose between the various strategies available for college savings such as:

  • IRS Section 529 Plan

  • Coverdell Education Savings Account

  • Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA)

  • After-tax savings and investments

  • Student loans

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